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It is a discipline and profession that deals with legal matters and procedures, justice system and regulations, decrees, protocols concerning a governing body and community.

social work degrees
social work degrees
social work degrees
social work degrees

Employment Opportunities in:

  • Government Legal Service
  • Immigration
  • Judiciary Courts
  • Legal Executive
  • Legal Practice
  • Paralegal
  • Private Institutions
  • Public Sector
  • Research
  • Teaching and Training

Available Majors

  • Anti-trust Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Comparative Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Science
  • Criminology
  • Cyber Law
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law
  • Human Rights Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Information Law

Available Majors

  • Insurance Law
  • Islamic Law
  • International Law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Investment Law
  • Investment Management Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Legal Theory
  • Maritime Law
  • Patent Law
  • Public International Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Trademark and Copyright Law
  • Trust and Estates Law
  • Venture Law and Finance

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